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6th Mar 2015 9:44 am
10,000 surveys and slider consultation

This week we hit quite a milestone and we now have over 10,000 surveys in iSurvey.

We are also asking the community to respond to a potential change to the way sliders work. Currently they appear with a default value set – this can be random, or fixed to a value in the question options.

If a participant does not touch the slider at all and continues to the next page, the default value of the slider is stored as the participant response.

This means, potentially, that a participant could ignore all slider questions, and the survey would still be perceived as having been complete. One possibility is that participants need to touch the slider once, before the value is stored. However, this means that is participants are happy with the default value and continue, their response would not be saved.

Can we please have comments / feedback from the community on how sliders should ideally work. i.e. leave them as they are, or move to a ‘must be activated before saving data’ option.

Feedback to alexfurr@soton.ac.uk many thanks!

Alex and the iSurvey team


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