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The impact of digitalization on the music industry and the increasing importance of digital marketing.

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Dear participant,

My name is Federico Maceratesi, a 3rd year Management with Entrepreneurship student. You are asked to complete a 5 to 10 minutes questionnaire which will allow me to obtain relevant data to evaluate how the phenomenon of digitalization has impacted, and will continue impacting, the music industry.

In this questionnaire you will be asked to answer anonymously whether you support digitalization and why. You will be asked if you have ever taken advantage of the available platforms that allow you to illegally download music, and how often you access these platforms.

All the information that will be collected for the purposes of this study will be confidential, and your responses will not be identified in the data archive. I guarantee the unlinked anonymity of this survey. You should also be aware that I am more interested in general patterns that arise from the aggregated data, rather than any one individual’s responses.                                                                                                                                           

Your participation is greatly appreciated. I simply ask of you to take this questionnaire seriously as not doing so could affect the validity of my results. It is very important that you do not discuss this study with anyone else until the study is complete.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly via email on this address:


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