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Sustainable Development, Shipping and IMO

My name is Debo Awofeso, a law PhD researcher at the University of Southampton.
This questionnaire aims to explore the understanding of sustainable development in the shipping industry, and the role of IMO in the process, by obtaining the views of IMO member states, IGOs and NGOs with observer status.
The benefit of your involvement is that the data provided will be very useful in the analysis of sustainable development in shipping, and will culminate in a set of recommendationsto IMO on the way forward.
The research is funded by the University of Southampton Law School and the University of Southampton SMMI (Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute)
The data collected as part of this research project will be treated confidentially, and personal information will not be released or viewed by any one other than me.
By continuing with the questionnaire you are consenting to participate in this research. If you do wish to withdraw your consent during the questionnaire then do not continue and close the window.
If you wish to withdraw consent at any time please email me within one week of participating in the study.
If you have any questions, do contact me at