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Social Media Data for Social Research

Social media are a valuable source of information for researchers across the social sciences, offering diverse data at scale, in real time and over time. These data also pose some challenges for social researchers, specifically related to data access, data analysis and data sharing. The aim of this survey is to learn more about how the UK Social Science research community experiences and responds to the challenges of working with social media data. The survey will be followed up with a small number of in-depth interviews. Together, the survey and interviews will provide a firm evidence base to inform the development of funding strategy for supporting social media research in the future and will help to build best practice in the research community.

Please help by taking part in this survey. It asks for some information about your access to and use of social media and seeks your comments on skills, ethics, data sharing and relationships with data owners. We estimate that it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, although this will vary.

The study is led by Professor David De Roure (Director), Oxford e-Research Centre in collaboration with Dr Farida Vis (Director), Visual Social Media Lab at the University of Sheffield and Professor Susan Halford (Director), Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton.This survey is conducted in accordance with the University of Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee best practice guidance  Survey data will be collected anonymously and we ensure to keep any identifying responses confidential. The survey is hosted at the University of Southampton iSurvey server. The data will be stored in accordance with the University of Southampton research data management policy. The data collected in this survey will form part of a report to the ESRC and may be used to inform subsequent outputs (e.g. conferences and publication).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Professor David De Roure directly