Your Personal Learning Network


Welcome to your Personal Learning Network

You are now going to answer a few questions to help you map what your Personal Learning Network looks like and how you use it.

This  survey forms part of the University of Southampton Learning in the Network Age course and University of Southampton doctoral research.  Read more details about this research and how your data will be used.  All your answers are anonymous and will only be analysed for research purposes aggregately. The aggregate findings from your answers will form part of an activity and discussion during the MOOC. No data will ever be shared with third parties.

To complete this survey:

Read all questions carefully and complete according to instructions

Where can I get more information?

If you would like to ask more questions before starting the survey, please contact Nicholas S R Fair on .


This survey features graphics containing important information. If you require a screen-readable version of the survey, please contact Nicholas S R Fair on . 

Ethics Approval

ERGO Ethics Approval Number 24850