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Attitudes towards Open Science and Reproducibility in Simulation Publishing Questionnaire

As a response to concerns in science where results in many published peer-reviewed articles cannot be reproduced or verified independently, some publishers and journals are introducing reproducibility policies. The practice of Open Science goes further in that encourages the open sharing of scientific artefacts (e.g. data, software, methods, processes, etc.) under appropriate terms and conditions to enable reuse, redistribution and reproduction of the research and its underlying data and methods. Both reproducibility policies and Open Science could have a major impact on how we approach Modelling & Simulation research in the future.  This survey therefore attempts to capture attitudes of our international M&S community towards both reproducibility and Open Science. 

The survey consists of six sections and will take around 20-25  minutes to complete.  The results will be published as both a report and a journal paper.  Both will be open access. The original responses will be confidential.  The anonymised data set derived from this that will be used for analysis and the word version of this questionnaire will be available from Brunel University London’s open access repository (  The results will be announced through mailing groups, ACM SIGSIM’s repository, and twitter.  You can also indicate at the end of the survey if you would like to be informed directly via email about the survey results (your email address will not appear in the data set).

We look forward to your responses.

Simon J E Taylor (Brunel University London,

Tom Monks (University of Southampton,

Anastasia Anagnostou (Brunel University London,

Christine Currie (University of Southampton,