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中国奢侈品消费调查 Survey about Chinese Luxury Consumer



奢侈品是指一种超出人们生存与发展需要范围的,能给消费者带来一种高雅和精致的生活方式,注重品位和质量,并且主要面向高端和中高端市场的具有独特、稀缺、珍奇等特点的消费品。奢侈品涉及的领域极为广泛, 从大件的高档豪宅、名车, 到珠宝首饰、香水、高档名表、高级打火机、高档皮具等等。一般来说,奢侈品的质量和价格都是同类产品中最高的, 而且价格超出普通消费品的幅度远高于质量超出的幅度。本调查通过分析中国奢侈品消费者的不同市场划分来制定相对适合的行销策略。



Jolin Zhuo


I am a full time student of Msc Marketing Management at the University of Southampton and as part of the requirements for the award of a Master degree, I am undertaking a research about marketing communication mix in luxury brands based on different target market in China. The aim of the research on hand is to test the driving factors that customers prefer different communication mix and figure out suitable integrated marketing communication strategies to target different segments of Chinese luxury consumers.

Please be assured of confidentiality and anonymity, as the information gathered in this survey will be used solely for the purpose of this study.

It will only take you about 5-7 minutes to answer the questions. Thank you for your time.

Please feel free to contact Jolin Zhuo at in regards to any queries.