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Resilience and Coping style questionnaire

Thank you for taking part in the study! Please read the information below ONLY if you are an 11-18 year old, in the UK, with a parent in the military. 

If you are NOT an 11-18 year old in the UK with a parent in the military, thank you for your time but please DO NOT continue with the study.

My aim:

I am conducting a study on the impact of military life on adolescents from military families in the UK. There is some evidence that military life poses challenges for adolescents growing up in military families; however, most adolescents are capable of overcoming these challenges. The aim of this study is to examine the main risk factors associated with the military lifestyle and the factors that can protect adolescents against the negative impact of stress. The topics of the study focus on stressors you experience, coping strategies you use and your ability to recover quickly from difficulties. The results of this study will be used to provide recommendations of the most effective support that can be directed towards adolescents from military families.


Your participation:

The study is intended to be completed by adolescents only. The study is expected to take around an hour to complete. Participation in this study is voluntary. However, maximum participation is crucial in order for us to obtain an accurate picture of the different factors related to your well-being. You may withdraw from the study at any time. If you no longer wish to take part after you have provided information, we cannot remove the information from consideration as we are not collecting any personal information that would allow us to segregate your responses from others.

What if you are not sure what a certain question means? If you are not sure about the meaning of a particular question, you can ask your parent for help with understanding but please then answer the question yourself. We encourage you to complete the survey independently, to ensure your true opinions are expressed.

TO TAKE PART IN THE STUDY YOU MUST BE 11-18 YEARS OLD, LIVE IN THE UK and HAVE A PARENT IN THE MILITARY. If it is suspected that this is not the case, you will NOT be issued with your voucher.

Are there any risks involved in participating?

There are minimal risks involved in participating in this study. Because you volunteer or share personal information which may cause you to experience some slight discomfort, you will be provided with a list of support services (GP and self-help websites) for your personal use that you may contact for support during or after the survey.  An exercise will also be provided to help with any discomfort.



The responses that you provide will remain confidential.


Giving Consent:

We will need your parents’ consent for you to participate in the study. They will be asked to do this after following the link to the study online. It is very important they give consent for you to continue with the study. Any data from this research will be stored according to the University Data Protection policy. Your anonymised data will be stored in secure University storage for fifteen years, and will only be viewed by the research team.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study, please contact, myself, the researcher Freya Wallington, Or Research supervisor, Dr Kate Willoughby,