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Newly-arrived Chinese-speaking international students' expectations of their future social encounters and their English language experiences in the UK (18 along)

【在南安的大陆,香港,台湾新入学学生】请下滑至本页面底部, 勾选白色方框键以及绿色开始按钮键来完成此15分钟的问卷。请手机横屏填写更方便


【此问卷有中英文两种语言,请直接选择阅读更快速的语言来完成。为方便之后的数据整理,请在完成问卷后将最后系统生成的ID 发送至研究员陆心洋(PhD candidate in Modern Languages), 微信: LU_xinyang, 邮箱: 若对此项目感兴趣的也可联系研究员参与interview等

I. 关于这项问卷调查 




在这项调查问卷中,您可以使用您所偏爱/习惯的语言在需要处进行填写:中文或英文。为方便之后的数据整理,如果您愿意的话,请在问卷 (background information)中留下您的学号(如:xl14h17,此调研承诺此信息会隐秘保存,不会被公开), 或者您也可联系主研究员:陆心洋(人文学院),邮箱,微信:LU_xinyang

I. Overview of this survey

As a new international student at University of Southampton (who are here less than 6 months), you may have expectations about how you see your social life and about how to improve your English language ability whilst you are studying abroad. As part of my PhD research, I would like to find out whether you are planning to meet British, or other international communities in order to improve your English or for any other goal (e.g. to try a different life experience, to improve social skills etc.).

If you are interested in meeting British, or  other international communities,I would like to know how you will set about meeting them, and if you want to improve your English, which elements of English you would like to improve, and also any other goal(s) that you want to achieve. If you are not interested in this sort of activity , I would equally like to know the reasons for this.

In this survey, please use whichever language you prefer - Chinese or English. If you are intrested in this project, or to have a chat with me, I would be very grateful. In this case please leave your university username (e.g. xl14h17) in the survey (all data will be stored confidentially and will be anonymised). You can also contact the principal researcher: Xinyang Lu, Faculty of Humanities through Email:, Wechat ID: LU_xinyang.

II. 关于这项调研的更多细节


只面向中国留学生的原因是:A.) 避免不同国家人的不同文化因素对数据的影响 B.) 避免已经移民英国/或拥有别的国籍的中国学生,对关于期望安排和动力上的数据分析有所影响

II. More details about this research

This PhD research is aimed at Chinese international students (including Mainland China, HongKong, Taiwan, Macau etc.) coming to the UK for higher education, whose mother tongue is Mandarin/Cantonese, and who have not permanently immigrated to the UK or any other foreign countries.This subset of international students is chosen to identify and investigate their assimilation into British, or other international communities,  in regards to the influence on their English language learning, social identity. Following this, this research intends to identify how Chinese international students perceive, choose, create chances, and employ social resources to integrate into British or other international communities to improve their English language ability, thus to establish how the Chinese international students' learner autonomy in language learning is developed during their overseas study.

The reasons for choosing this subset of international students is to: A) Remove cultural influences on the data between participants from different countries B) Remove the influence of participants who have already immigrated to the UK or any other foreign countries, on their expectations and motivations about integrating into British or other international communities.

III. 您同意参加此调研

III. Your consent for participating in this survey

Please read this information carefully before deciding whether to take part in this research. You will need to indicate that you have understood this information before you can continue. You must also be aged over 16 to participate. By ticking the box at the bottom of this page and clicking ‘Continue’, you are indicating that you are aged over 16, and you are consenting to participate in this survey. 

We have tried to ensure that the questions in this study do not cause any distress. However, it is not uncommon to experience some anxieties or concerns when completing questionnaires about your background inforamtion etc., and support is available. If participating in this study raises any issues for you, we recommend that you contact any of the following resources: Rearcher Xinyang Lu (Email:, Wechat ID: YounG-smile), Professor Vicky Wright, Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK. (Email: 

I have read and understood the information about this study.  In consenting, I understand that my legal rights are not affected. I also understand that data collected as part of this research will be kept confidential and that published results will maintain that confidentiality. I finally understand that if I have any questions about my rights as a participant in this research, or if I feel that I have been placed at risk, I may contact Prof. Denis McManus, the Chair of the Ethics Committee, Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK. Email: D.Mcmanus@soton.acuk [If the Chair of Ethics Committee is also your supervisor, then the contact should be someone independent of the study.  Isla Morris, Research Integrity and Governance Manager (02380 595058, is happy to be the named party.]

Many thanks

Xinyang Lu


Wechat: LU_xinyang