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 Welcome to the Energy and Communities survey!


Thank you for visiting this survey page. This survey has been approved by the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences Ethics Committee at the University of Southampton, UK (ref 2277).


Dr Milena Buchs and Dr Rebecca Wallbridge, School of Social Science, University of Southampton

About the study

This survey is part of a project conducted by researchers at the Universities of Southampton and Reading and funded by the Research Councils UK (RCUK) Energy and Communities Programme. It investigates the question of whether or not involvement in community-based initiatives makes a contribution to households’ energy savings. The results of this survey will help to both evaluate and contextualise the role community initiatives may play in people’s energy use. Your participation will be extremely valuable.

The survey takes around 15-20 minuets to complete, and we will ask you questions about yourself, attitudes, and home energy use. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers – so feel free to provide completely honest responses.
At the end of the survey there is the option to enter a prize draw for a year's National Trust family membership or an Alertme meter.


The integrity of our research rests on good ethics. This research been approved by the University of Southampton's Social Sciences’ Ethics Committee, in line with current guidance from the Economic and Social Research Council (www.esrc.ac.uk). This means that:

-   Your participation is voluntary.

-   Any information that you give us is anonymous and your responses will remain anonymous at all times. We also promise not to pass your details on to any third parties should you provide them.

-   Data arising from this project will be kept securely.

-   At any time during the survey you are able to withdraw your participation with no penalty by simply closing the web page.

 The results from this research may be published through presentations, reports or journal articles. The anonymised dataset may also be shared with the organisers of the community initiative you accesed this survey through, but we will never reveal individual responses to organisers.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr Rebecca Wallbridge at R.E.Wallbridge@soton.ac.uk (023 8059 2523)

have read the above information and understand what participation in this project involves.
I understand that data collected as part of this research project will be anonymous and kept so at all times.
I understand that participation in this study is fully voluntary.

For further details about research ethics, please contact Professor Ros Edwards, Chair of the Social Sciences Ethics Committee, 023 8059 5857 or R.S.Edwards@soton.ac.uk.

I have read the above consent form and I give consent to participate in the above described research.