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iSurvey is survey generation and research tool for distributing online questionnaires. It is free to use if you are a member of the University of Southampton.
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15th Dec 2017 4:28 pm
Problem with the Invitations feature

15 December 2017 – there seems to be a problem with the Invitations feature, where invitations to email addresses outside the university (i.e. not are not being sent. The technical team are investigating.

In the meantime, you can use Outlook to email your invitation list (use the BCC feature so they don’t all see a list of every recipient) and include the standard link to the survey (e.g. . The use of invitations does not prevent access and completion by anyone who knows that link. Of course you won’t be able to track completion – sorry – but you will be able to run your survey.

You can email the same people a week or so later to remind them, including an apology to anyone who has already answered.


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