Problems duplicating surveys / questions

We have recently upgraded the data validation process when entering question, section and survey information into the database. This adds increased security to the iSurvey application for everyone.

A side-effect of this is that if question information (or any information entered using a formatted text box) is ‘dodgy’ the system will refuse to duplicate the question, section or survey.

The FIRST thing to try is to simply to ‘edit’ the question that is not copying properly. When you are on the edit page, simply click the ‘Update’ question’ button. This may fix the problem. If so do this for any other questions that are causing problems.

99% of all other problems have been caused by copying and pasting from Microsoft word WITHOUT using the ‘Paste from word‘ option. If you have recently tried to copy a question, or copy a survey and have had missing questions, or the survey has refused to copy at all, this will be the reason.

How to cure this problem
1. Locate the question with the invalid markup code (usually its the one question that hasn’t copied), and click ‘edit’.
2. Copy and paste the entire question text
3. Delete the contents of the text box entirely
4. Click the ‘Paste from word icon’  or the ‘Paste as plain text icon’  

If you require any help locating the ‘dodgy’ text in your surveys then please contact



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